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Our Goal

Our aim is to make new clients, while caring for those we already have.

We say this with the voice of experience, as over the years we have consistently seen each relationship with our clients evolve into a warm and meaningful lifetime friendship.

As a leader in Lebanon’s construction industry we believe it is our responsibility to strive to deliver outstanding landmarks, and that the future expansion of our business is based upon the satisfaction of our customers. Customer satisfaction in construction is not only about the delivery of a fine looking project, but also to provide the occupants with the services and environment they expect.

Always excelling in the field of construction, using the best techniques, the latest technology and our highly qualified team to assure that every project we deliver will stand the test of time, exemplifies our work, ethic and our values.

Our Way

At Matta et Associes we take our role as a business and as an employer seriously.

As a business we are conscious of our need to be accountable to our clients, and the community at large. With every operation we implement best practices that not only ensure the quality of our work but which also safeguard the impact on the environment.

As an employer, we ensure that we place the safety of our employees as a priority, enforcing clearly-communicated procedures on-site and in the workplace.

Providing career opportunities is also very much an integral part of our strategy for maintaining a healthy and mutually beneficial employer/employee relationship.

Our Values

• We apply quality control to everything we do.
• We always conduct ourselves in a professional manner.
• We adhere to international safety standards.
• We add value to our clients’ businesses.
• We aim to assure client satisfaction.

In line with our desire to be known as a leader in the construction industry, MATTA et ASSOCIES SAL is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture and Syndicate of General Contractors.

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